Sunday, September 28, 2008

How much did CVS pay you??!!

LOL! That's right! I was paid to take all of this off of the CVS shelf's today! My total savings for this shopping trip was $126.93 after coupons and CVS sales! And my year to date savings is $1119.62 since I began CVSing in June!!! My original total was $61 and some change and after my coupons it was down to 6.82 which I put on a free CVS Gift card I received for transferring a prescription to them (and with as much as I am there why not get my refills there??!!). I received $17.79 back in ECB's, my largest ever!! So since I had a free gift card and spent nothing out of my own checkbook I was essentially paid $17.7p for all of this! Oh and if you can not see the picture real well here is a run down of all I got: 1 Gillette Fusion Razor, 2 Sunsilk hair products, 2 Benadryl to-go packages, 2 Covergirl make-ups, 4 bottles of Dawn dish soap, 1 Contour meter, 2 Hershey's bars and a package of m&m's. I still have 4 more coupons for the Dawn dish soap, so I plan on running back there later this week to stock on more free dish soap! I *LOVE* CVS!!!!!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bath Time!

My babies love taking their evening baths together now and it is bringing back so many memories from when I was little and would take a bath with my brother. And no it is not GROSS! We were like 2 and 3! LOL Anyway-Luke loves helping wash Emily and Emily loves trying to catch and eat anything that gets too close! In fact, she was probably trying to catch the camera in this shot!

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

All About Emily!

Wow- I can not believe how fast Emily is growing up! It makes me sad when I think about her not really being an itty bitty baby anymore. She is holding her bottle by herself (for the most part) and she started crawling last week! This baby girl is going to be a hand full! She loves going after her big brother's toys and sippy cups too. Luke is very good with her and usually remembers to take things from her gently. Her eyes are still super blue and just beautiful! Her hair is still pretty light and she has little rubberband thighs and arms that are delicious to nibble on! She is getting around so well already-it is shocking! It feels like we just brought home yesterday~but it has already been 6 1/2 months!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Best CVS by far!

I have been to CVS a ton the last few weeks, but since our home computer crashed I can not load pictures right now. Mick is letting me use his laptop today (thanks Sweetie!) so I can catch up on emails and some other computer-related stuff. So in my last trip to CVS I bought 4 Rightguard Deodorant's (on sale for $2.89 and you earned $2.oo ECB's for each stick) and 1 Contour Blood Glucose Monitoring System on sale for $14.99 and earning $5.oo ECB'S. (I know I do not need the Contour system, but I plan on donating it) So I used a $2/10 coupon, 4 $1 cp's for the deodorant and a $14.99 coupon for the system (See why I bought it now?...if not... it was FREE and I was paid $5.00 to take it off their shelf!) I did use a $5.oo ECB and afterwards my total was .15 cents! I know!!!!! 15 CENTS!!!!!! And I earned $13.oo ECB's for next week! SWEET!

In other exciting family news Mick and I are planning on taking a trip for our 5 year wedding anniversary coming up in May. We have not decided where we want to go yet, but we both know we want to be gone for about 5 days and really just relax and focus on eachother. The kiddos will be staying with grandparents of course and having a blast! I will be done nursing Emily by then too!

Speaking of the kiddos-they are growing up so fast! We still can not believe that Emily is 6 months old now and is just days away from crawling! Last night she did 1 full rotation (moved both arms and legs forward) before she fell flat. So I guess you could say she took her first crawl! ;) Luke is wonderful and loves hugging and kissing on Em. He is very excited as I took him shopping for his first belt the other day and he loves running around showing everyone his "belt like daddy!". Oh and did you know that I am a princess? No-you didn't? Well Luke says so! He told me the other day "Mommy- you my Princess" and I said "Aww-thanks Sweetie and you are my Prince" his response was "No mommy I a Knight!" You can bet that made Mick smile!! It was sweet. I can not wait to get some pictures so I can do a scrap book page about that conversation!

Speaking of scrapping I have completed 4 pages in Em's scrapbook so far! Now for you non-scrappers that seems like nothing, but as CS and KG can attest that is HUGE! I am still very far behind, but life is slowly starting to show some routine and allowing me to have some "me" time in the basement working on the scrapbooks.

As soon as we get the computer situation worked out I will add some pics of the kiddos. Sorry!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Summer concert continued...

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Summer Concert Fun!

We took the kids to the final free summer concert last night sponsered by WCIC. Aaron Shust is the artist we saw last night and he rocked! Luke had a great time playing football with daddy while waiting for the concert to start and once the music started Luke loved it! He danced and sang and prayed and had a great time! Emily was all smiles until she fell asleep 2 minutes into the concert-go figure I couldnt get that girl to nap at all yesterday, but as soon as the loud music started she crashed!

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