Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These boots were made for walking....

Emily took her 1st steps tonight!! We grabbed the video camera and got maybe 1 or 2 and of course she was too distracted with the camera and video camera that she would not do it anymore...until we put them down and she decided to take a few more steps! It was pretty funny...she was crawling towards me and got up on all 4's and just kinda looked at her feet and then stood up, looked at her feet again and then started walking! Such a big girl!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

What happens when daddy decides to try and help mommy out with bath time? Well let's just say lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bubbles! I walked into the bathroom during bath time and Mick was scrubbing Emily down- everything seemed under control so I ran downstairs to swap some laundry. I come back up and the tub is being drained, the kids are covered head to toe in massive amounts of bubbles, the tub is FULL of bubbles and Emily is starting to shiver as she is so cold. From what I can tell (based on the empty bottle of Curious George bath bubbles floating in the tub) an entire bottle of bubble bath was poured into the running water. I should note, that when I say an entire bottle, I mean a bottle of bath bubbles that was purchased yesterday afternoon! ;) So as Emily is shivering more and turning a bit purple and crying, Mick is trying to get the water temp adjusted so we can rinse the soap off the kiddos. Luke is upset because he thinks that bath time is over and I am shocked at so much can go array in a matter of 3 minutes! LOL Always fun in the Dobra household! Seriously tho- it was very nice of Mick to try and take over bath time, although I think it will be awhile before he attempts that again. Too bad I didn't think to grab the camera~!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My 3 Favorite things....

My Mickey, my Lukie and my Emer's! Nuf said.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My new binder!!!

So when I started couponing back in June I started out with just a plain envelope. Soon that filled up, so I moved up to a small little expandable file from Target that cost a buck. Next I bought a 1/2 inch binder so I could see my coupons faster and easier. I outgrew that small little binder in about a week! LOL.....So I purchased a 1.5 inch binder, it was purple, I loved it and most of you know that purple is my FAVORITE color, so I was in couponing heaven! Well, after a few months of getting my coupons thru my Chicago hook-up (Shout out to Lisa!), I have again expanded my binder collection. Here is my new binder- I must say that I love it! (Wish they would have had purple tho ;). It is a 3 incher...hopefully this one lasts a bit longer! I worked on organizing my coupons and making a few new sections in my new binder tonight so I am ready for K-Mart this week- tomorrow the start doubling coupons up to $2.00!!!!! I can not wait for this week to start!!! I told Mick that I am pumped to start getting some more free stuff!!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Here are our robots we made this morning. We used empty popcorn and hot cocoa boxes for thier bodies and covered them with construction paper. Pipe cleaner arms, construction paper legs, stickers for their mouths and cotton puffs for their noses. The eyes are mini cupcake liners with googlie eyes in the middle and the hair is cut up pipe cleaners. Enjoy!

Friday, January 09, 2009

More savings! (duh!)

Went to Walgreen's today: I bought 2 boxes of Quacker instant oatmeal, 2 gallons of milk and 8 Garnier Fructris hair products. My total after my coupons was $2.68!! Once we added tax on it was $4.68. I saved $43.22 there today.

Last night I went to Kroger and bought 31 items and my total before coupons was $25 something and afterwards it was down to $7.oo!! At Schnucks yesterday afternoon I bought 25 items and my total was $25 something, after my coupons I spent $8.00!! Here is a run down of my purchases from Kroger and Schnucks (remember that I only spent $15.00 for all of this!)
12 pack of Pepsi
22 jars baby food
2 FUZE drinks (for hubby!)
4 packages Cottenelle TP
2 bottles Soft soap Hand wash
7 boxes of Tostino Pizza rolls
2 boxes Betty Crocker Instant potatoes
2 two packs of GUM Toothbrushes
2 bottles Dawn dish soap
4 Suave Deo
8 cans Progresso soup

And I only spent $15 for all of that! Imagine how hard it was to run to Cubs today and spend $20 on baby wipes and ingredients for Taco Soup for tonight! Oh well- it will be a fun party and I am feeding 10 adults and 8 kiddos for that...not too bad! Until next time...Happy Shopping!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

How Much?

I saved my family $88.93 much did you save yours? I went to Walgreens and CVS and my total between the 2 stores with thier current sales (not including coupons and extra-care bucks I used) was $115.27. After all of my coupons and ECB's were used my out of pocket was $26.34! Plus, I have 16.00 in ECB's that I earned for my next trip to CVS and $5 in Walgreen's register rewards to go towards my next trip there. Oh and I am waiting on my rebate from Walgreens that should total $7.00! SWEET!!!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Polar Plunge....

...Yeah right! We did however decide to go to the RiverPlex for a fun time during Pre-School splash this morning, that was a good time! Luke ran around like a crazy man and went down the slide a ton of times. Emily, on the other hand, was not that into it. She was content in my arms and as you can tell from the pics, she was a bit out of sorts and not really down with swimming in cool water. Oh well, maybe next time.

The picture of Luke and Kenzi was taken on New Years Eve at our friend's house JereLyn. She and new hubby, Chris, had a great party that night! They are super hostesses (sp?) and had a huge array of food and drinks available. The kids crashed about 9:15, so the adults went downstairs and played "Would you Rather". Super fun game, I got for Christmas from my super cool BIL! Thanks Mat! The game ended up lasting about 3 hours, thanks in part to the hilarious conversation that was happening between turns (thank you Jere for all the info about the feet!) ;0) We headed home about 1 am and the kids slept in the car and crashed in their beds once we were home. Mick and I crashed as well.

New Years Day, I woke up with a cold and felt horriable, so Mick and the kids went to his parents house for the entire day, so I could stay home and sleep (thank you sweetie!), I honestly think that was the first time I have been home alone since Emily was born! I ended ep sleeping for like 5 hours! But I feel much better today, so it was totally worth it! Emily turned 10 months old yesterday, so that was the other exciting bit of news on our homefront. Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2009 is as great, if not better, than 2008!

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