Wednesday, October 21, 2009

sick, sick and more sick....

Our household has been sick for 6 days now! Luke came down with a fever on Friday and since then Mick, and I have also gotten sick! Emily is the only one that seems to be unaffected by all the acky germs in our house right now. She is also the only one that was able to get a flu shot a few weeks ago...coincidence? I don't think so!

Luke was the first to get sick, fever, chills, body aches, runny nose, lack of energy and poor little boy! He was doing better on Monday, but seemed worse again on Tuesday, so I took him to the doc this morning as he still had a slight fever. Come to find out, he has an ear infection and fluid in his other ear. Hopefully, once he gets some doses of his antibiotic in him, he will be more himself!!

Mick and I were both in a wedding on Saturday night, so we had Mick's parent come to the house to watch the sick one and his little sister. Mick performed the ceremony and I was a bridesmaid. Beautiful wedding, but we left by 7pm to come home and help our sick little guy....Mick and I both started feeling sick about 8pm Saturday night. Body aches, runny nose, exhaustion...the list goes on and on..

Sunday 3 of us are sick, little Em is still good as can be tho! Mick is starting to feel a little bit better by Sunday night, but not 100% by far.

Monday Mick stayed home from work, I was sicker than Sunday and Luke seemed better. Mick was still coughing a ton and I was just wiped out. Luke seemed much better and his temp was back down to 99.5..that is good considering the 2 previous days it was 103.3!!

Tuesday I get up and feel okay, Mick goes to work and Luke seems pretty good too, Emily was fine as well. 10:30 AM and I get sick! Oh so sick, I cant walk, I cant eat, I need help..Mick comes home from work and I sleep the rest of the day away. By last night I was feeling alot better...not sure what happened to me, I am usually the healthiest one in my family! Guess Emily wins that prize now! LOL

Wednesday (today) Luke's fever is back this morning so I take him to the doc and learn about his ear infection and fluid on the other....get antibiotics, grab lunch and now Luke and Em are asleep. I am feeling much better, but still have this cough in my chest, it hurts, but I think it is better than yesterday and as long as I do not talk too much, it doesn't seem to bother me that much! Bet Mick is happy about that! And that is why I am blogging right now, rather than talking on the phone ;0)

Hopefully we are on the mend, Mick is doing good today, I feel good, and Luke has his meds now....Emily seems fine still!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

my loves

Here are Mick, Luke and Em at a bonfire on Saturday cute is this pic???

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Friday, October 09, 2009

1/2 WAY THERE...

I am so excited to announce that I am 1/2 way to my 30 before 30 goal now!! I got on the scale today and am officially down 15 lbs since I started on May 25th! It is coming off S.L.O.W.L.Y, but hey, its coming off!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009


We practiced our Halloween costumes this morning a bit-Luke made the decision (finally!!) to be Batman! Here he is...I think I will need some of the black face paint tho for his face mask....the black eye lines pencil is not quite dark enough....

I think he had the face down! LOL And he will be in black sweats, not blue firetruck jammies! ;0)

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tent Fun

We had fun making a tent this evening using the kitchen chairs, and spare blankets from around the house. The kids are having so much fun with it! Emily can stand up in her tent and LOVES it! Luke likes pretending to mow "his" lawn around the tent i.e. the hard wood floors.

Luke and Emily

Miss Emily
Luke with his new gun, aiming his darts into the kitchen. He loves it and did great aiming it thru the doorway!

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Friday, October 02, 2009

My week...

We have had a rough week in our household to say the least!

Monday was good, I babysat, made some money and it was a beautiful day out!

Tuesday, started out good, I babysat again, made more $$ and was going along fine, until about noon. I started sneezing, and coughing and feeling sick, my nose was dripping none stop too (gross, I know!). By 3 pm I called Mick to reschedule something he had that night, so he could get home and help me out. I crashed in recliner at 6 and woke at 7 to move to our room and watched Biggest Loser, then crashed again until the next morning.

Wednesday, I had to cancel a play date I was having at our house, as we did not want to spread the lovely bug around town that I had. By noon on Wednesday I was feeling better and the day was going better! We had a pajama day at the house, until it was time to get Luke ready for AWANA. After we dropped Luke at AWANA, we stopped at Verizon to cancel my cell phone and drop the other one to the minimum amount of minutes for emergencies only. Earlier in the day Mick closed a credit card account for us, (we are attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and trying to get out of debt and stay out of debt) so that was exciting for us to take the first step and close the account! I dropped Mick and Emily off at home and went back to get Luke from AWANA and help out with MOPS set up for a bit. On the way home tho, Luke and I were hit by a drunk driver! The jerk sped off after he hit us too! It was 8:40 at night, so it was too dark to see him or his plates. We have a $500 deductible, so we are out that unless we find the guy! The good news, Luke and I are just fine, and the van is drivable! PTL!!! So, we will live with the damage for a but, until we get our $500 saved up and then fix it.

Thursday was good, considering all that had happened, we went to Financial Peace University that night, it was fun and educational as always.

Friday I had MOPS in the morning, but was called out about a 1/2 hour into our meeting...Emily has a fever of 100.9...oh boy...what a way to start a weekend! Lucky me.

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