Thursday, December 14, 2006

My baby is 1!!

Wow, I can't believe how fast this first year has gone by! My little baby is becoming a little boy. I am so sad to see him grow, yet happy at the same time. He is gaining confidence everyday and his personality is starting to shine thru more and more. It is hard to remember how small he was last Christmas at only 12 days old, this year he will be all over everything and taking everything in and be so busy exploring I am wondering if I will have any time with him to sit and cuddle. I sure hope so. Am I selfish becuase I hate to share him with others? When we walk into a room I like for him to be clingy for a little while....but usually the exact oppisite is true. He will take off in any direction of something that catches his little eyes. Then after a few seconds of looking into whatever it was that grabbed his attention initially, he sees something more interesting and is ready to go check it out. Wow, he is so busy!
Luke had a great birthday yesterday and it was so fun to see him eat cake and opn his presents! He was soooo excited this morning to get back to the livingroom and play with all of his new toys! We are having a huge family party for him this weekend! I am so excited to see his reactions. He will have sooo much fun! Wow, I thought birthdays were cool before I had children, now it is so much more exciting! The look on his face yesterday morning when DH and I went into his room singing Happy Birthday was priceless! Can't wait to see what he does this Christmas!!
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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The picture is of Mick and Luke at our church for our lifegroup Thanksgiving event last week. We had a great turn-out and a wonderful meal! What an awesome time of fellowship!
I can't believe in a few short weeks (2 to be exact) Luke will 1 year old! I am happy as he is growing so big and strong, yet I am sad, since he will no longer be a baby;(
I am excited for his birthday party, I think he will have a good time, especially since he walks all over now and can keep up with his big cousins. Wow, this year has flown by, I can only imagine what things will be like when Luke gets more into activites and schedules, I am sure things will continue to speed up. Well Happy Thanksgiving and what are you thankful for? My answer: My wonderful husband and our incrediable son!
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mister Luke

This is Mister Luke in his first Fall outfit. I just love him in this- he went to StoryTime today at Border's BookStore. Luke loves hearing stories and shaking his egg for "The Shaky Egg" song!
This weekend was a little rough as Luke has decided to start using his mouth as a 3rd hand. He likes to grab the couch with his mouth and use that to help pull himself up to it, well he also likes to grab mommies tummy or shoulder with his mouth to pull up, needless to say we went thru a few spouts of pouting after being told "No!" But I think we may have turned a corner, at least for a few days....we shall see! Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bath Time!

Here is Luke getting ready for his bath this morning.

We went to MOPS today at Bethany Baptist and Luke did great in the Moppetts program! I put him down and signed him in and away he crawled to do some exploring!

Mops was very refreshing & funny I should use those terms as this semesters focus is called "What a Mom Needs: Fresh Air". I am so looking forward to this year at MOPS and know I will get a lot from it. I think it will be good for Luke to be dropped off for a few hours every other week and socialize with children his age. Posted by Picasa