Thursday, December 25, 2008

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Fevers, ice, snow and more....

Been a few days since I have posted. Emily has been sick since last Friday, but that is only the middle of the story.....
Friday morning 2:30- Mick and I wake up to our doorbell going crazy and the answering machine going off....the power was going out and it was making everything act up. (from the lovely ice storm we had). Thankfully both the kids slept thru that episode, at least until about 3:30 when we realized that there were about 30,000 people without power and that it was going to awile before it came back on. So my ever prepared hubby heads dowstairs and brings up his "indoor emergency propane heater" (since the Sandberg's moved) and his hand-crank radio (yes, I made fun of him for buying it last summer). Luke woke up during that commotion and wanted to come snuggle in with mommy. About that time it was starting to get chilly, so Mick set up the heater and we stayed warm in our room for about 30 minutes until Emily woke up to eat. At that point we decided to set up camp in Emily's room, so in comes the heater and Luke's portable cot and blankets and the hand crank radio....I fed Emily, Mick helped Luke fall back to sleep and everyone was nice and warm and content...until about 6:30 when we woke up and the power was still out. So we sat in Emily's room and stayed warm playing with Luke's race cars and Emily's books. About 9:30 Emily was ready for nap, so the boys bundled up and went out to see the damage from the ice storm. Our neighbors tree was blocking our driveway and our tree was blocking the other neighbors driveway. The ice was so thick on the tress and our driveway was a skating rink. While we were outside the power came back on (at 11:00), so Mick went in to discover that the sump pump had turned back on, but the pipe running out of the house was frozen, so the water was being thrown all over his work room! GRRRRR! Once we got things back in order it was time to come in and warm up and take a nap....or so we thought....
Friday afternoon 1:30pm- Emily is so cranky, I think she is teething. I apply so numbing neds to her mouth and still that is not helping, so I give her some Tylenol and finally leave her to cry it out. She falls asleep and wakes up 10 minutes later. She feels a bit warm, so I take her temp and it is 101.5. That starts the fun! From Friday until Monday we are stuck in the house with a sick baby. Her fever peaks at 103.6, she vomits and has diarreah and does not want to eat or sleep. She is so uncomfortable and her little eyes look sooooo tired! ;( After 3 phone calls with the after hours service at her Dr. office, and being repeatidly told that unless her fever hits 105 or she has no wet diapers in 12 hours, there is nothing they will do and that she will get better. Come Monday morning Emily is still sick, still not eating and still not sleeping (which means that mom and dad are still up also). We take her into the doc and they check her over and say it is viral and must run its course.
Fastforward to Tuesday after her morning nap- Emily wakes up with green gunk leaking from her ear!!!! I call the doc and they finally call back and call in some antibiotics and numbing drops. She gets a dose of each and we put her to bed. She slept about 15 minutes and was up again crying in pain! Mick was up with her from 11-12 and I was up with her from 1-3. She finally crashes and wakes up at 6, still in pain. We decide to give her Tylenol on a 4 hour schedule and she seems content.
Christmas Eve night- she is such a little sweetie! After her 2 antibiotics and doeses of Tylenol or Motrin she plays happily during the Christmas Party. Crashes in the van on the way home about 10pm.
Christmas Day (TODAY!) She woke up about 1:30 this morning, ate, took some more meds and crashed until.......8:45!!!!!! Mick and I are shocked! That is the most sleep she has had in a week! (Us too!) Of course, little man was pretty excited so we got up and did presents about 7:30, but let Em sleep. We think she seems to be feeling better, say a prayer, that we can get her over this and back on a normal sleep schedule.

In other news- Mick got a punching bag for Christmas (he wanted one) and I got a CRICUT!!!!!! I am so excited to play with it tonight once the kids are in bed and during their nap times! I can not wait!!!! Luke got all kinds of GeoTrax and Ligntening McQueen stuff and castle and knight stuff. Em got a baby doll (her first!) and she loves it! Also a princess ball pit and a stroller for her doll. We are having such an awesome Christmas day-the kids are napping now and we are relaxing watching a movie before we start getting ready for another party! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"THAT" mom....

I never want to be "THAT" mom again! It really sucks. I was "THAT" mom at the grocery store yesterday and it does not feel good (because it is all about my pride anyway, right?). You know the mom at the store with the whiny, annoying little child being a complete terror? Yep, that was me yesterday. We were grocery shopping and my little man decided to act like a complete stinker the entire time. Thankfully Emily slept the whole time in her chair, but Luke really tested my limits. It started fine, but about 2 seconds after we walk into the store he decided he wanted marsh mellows and when I told him no, they were not on the list, that was the beginning of the end. From there he wanted to get his little hands on everything in the store. From knocking over the bottles of BBQ sauce and blocking the aisle as people were trying to get past us, oh and how can I forget the constant " I have to pee!!". It actually got to a point to where one mom said to me, "you know, they do have a restroom in here". And then an older gentleman even offered to watch my cart and Emily so I could take him. (Mind you, Luke had gone to the bathroom 10 minutes before we arrived at the store, so he should have been fine to hold it). I declined the offer and told Luke he had to wait until after we paid, and then we could take him potty. So for the next 20 minutes of shopping and waiting to pay, it was non stop "I have to pee-pee!". I can not tell you how many looks of annoyance I received yesterday, but I did however, also receive a few looks of sympathy from moms who have been there before. I rather enjoy being the other mom, the one giving the smpathetic looks, not the one receiving them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

3 short years...

Luke's 3rd Birthday 12-13-2008
Luke's 1st Birthday 12-13-2006

Luke's Birthday 12-13-2005

I can not believe that Luke is 3 years old!! He is pretty excited about his "Lightning McQueen" birthday party today at the rec center and he keeps asking for swords and GeoTrax. My little baby is wainting to play with trains and swords! It is bittersweet, I love seeing him grow and change and become an independent little boy, but I also miss the early morning snuggles I used to get from him. He has changed so much in the last 3 years (obviously!) but, I can not believe that the time is passing so quickly. A friend a church said to me once, "the days take forever, but years fly bye". It is so true, and it makes me realize that I need to treasure all the little moments, as they will be gone before I know it. Mick and I are beginning to talk about pre-schools and looking into the future, and trying to decide where to send him for school and I am still in shock that we are having these conversations about my little Luke. He is becoming such a young man also, today he told me he needed "priacy" in the bathroom to do his business. LOL. And the way he snuggles up to his little sister and tells her he loves her is priceless. Some of the things he says just blow my mind, I am constantly having to check myself before I say something that could potentially hurt his feelings, like the other day I told someone that he was being a stinker, and he looked up to my and said "mommy, I no being a stinker!". I had to apologize to him and explain that indeed he was, as he was not listening to mommy, but at the same time I should not have said that about him to someone when he was in the same room.

Luke has recently started "reading" books as well. He will sit with us and read to Emer's all of his stories. Of course, he is just paraphrasing what the book says, but it is so cute. Unfortunately, every time I try and get some video of it, the 2 of them get distracted and stop acting so cute. Oh well, maybe in the future. Enjoy and give your babies a snuggle today, as they grow up too fast!

I am still trying to find a way to upload his picsture from his 2nd birthday party...having some trouble, but I am sure that when my hubby gets done working in the basement he will be right on that for me! ;)