Sunday, July 26, 2009

More PARTY pics!

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Danell's Bachelorette Paaarrrttttyyyyy!

The Awesome cake Jenny (AKA Martha Stewart with Boobs!) made ;0)
The Bachelorette in all her glory!
Stephanie, Kristi, Jenny, Danell and I at Howl at the Moon!
Danell and I singing and having a great time!

We arrived in Indy at 1:30 Saturday and headed to the hotel to change and get ready for some shopping! Jenny arrived about 2pm and we headed to the mall to "help the economy"! LOL First stop was Cinnabun (sp?) I had never had their cinnamon rolls before so we shared one as a snack before the crazy shopping extravaganza began! YUMMY!!!! The Circle Center is a 4 story mall with over 100 stores and we found some awesome deals! My kids ended up with new jammies and a decal for Luke's crocs. The shoe shopping experience was awesome (Thanks Joe!). We made our salesman, Joe, run his tail off at Nordstrom's, but it was well worth it for him. Jenny got some super cute RED dress shoes that she wore out Saturday night and a cute pair of "mom" shoes in Ohio State colors! Danell ended up with the same heels that Jen bought, but in brown! I was on "budget lock-down" so no new shoes for mommy! But it was fun watching my gals shop! Danell ended up with another pair of heels from Payless (that ended up on my feet Saturday night and left me with 4 nasty blisters!) but they were super cute and that is what is important for a Bachelorette weekend, right?! After 4 hours of shopping it was time to head back to the hotel to meet up with Kristi and Stephanie and get ready for dinner.

Dinner was at an awesome Italian restaurant, full of pasta, fun drinks and lots of dessert! There were 3 other Bachelorette parties there, so it was a fun evening at dinner. The cake for dessert was HUGE! The slice fed all 5 of us and we had some left over! Back to the hotel to retrieve my cell phone and call the boys at home to check in before heading to the dueling piano bar, Howl at the Moon!

The bar was awesome and packed and so much fun! There were at least 10 other Bachelorette parties there so that made for some fun attire and accessories on people! (Let me say that we were VERY nice to Danell and did not make her dress up like a complete idiot!) Tons of songs, dancing and drinks later it was 1:00am and time for our group of girls to head back to the hotel. Back at the hotel we shared the great cake Jenny made, toasted to Danell's last night of freedom with some campaign and had some girl talk and giggles before heading to bed about 2:30am!

Sunday greeted us (me) with headaches and tummy aches and very tired bodies! Showers helped, but breakfast at Le Peep helped even more. Then it was time to say our good-byes and head back to our real worlds. It seemed like a much longer drive coming home, but that may have been from my headache and stomach ache?? We were back in Peoria by 1:30. Bachelorette weekend behind us- we have 2 weeks to recover before the big wedding weekend!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Emily's pig tails!!

Seriously??!! How much fun is that??!! After haircuts we ran to Sally's to get the kind of rubberbands that will not pull her rip her hair. She sat very nicely while we did it and was pretty excited to see the result in the mirror!

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Emily's 1st haircut

Emily had her 1st official hair cut this morning. She did great! She was super serious for it and sat so nicely for Alison. All we did was trim her bangs, as they were in her eyes. I think she enjoyed being a big girl and getting into the chair like big brother!

After! All done!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

No new friends, ding-bats and pa-pot pie!

Luke had quit the interesting array of verbage today. Yes- he used all of these are the stories to delight you this evening:

No new friends is from this morning at church. I was informed by his teacher today that a new little boy joined his classroom for the 1st time this morning. His teacher asked Luke if he would come and play with the new little boy and be his friend. My sons response? Mind you, our focus since he was born has been to instill Christ like behavior in our little man. So I assume he will be super sweet and shepherd this little boy...but no!!!!!! Luke turns to his teacher and replies: ", I don't really want any new friends right now..." and proceeds to walk away. OMG!!! So much for all that hard work of training him to love others and have compassion for the new little guy in his class....gotta love 3 year olds tho!

"Ding-Bat" is the new term that Luke used this afternoon while shopping for a new baseball bat. He was at his older cousins baseball game a few weeks ago and since then has been saying he wants a big boy bat like Alex. Well, while shopping today he explained to Mick and I the he wanted a "ding-bat". We both laughed and asked "What??!!" He explained that he wanted a bat that would "ding" when it hit the ball. (A metal bat) So now Luke has his "ding-bat" and loved playing ball all afternoon with daddy!

Finally "pa-pot pies" is from dinner tonight. I made Chicken Pot Pie from scratch tonight (I know, me, right??!!) It turned out great and Luke even finished his off! Before he finished it tho he looked at me and said "Mommy, I like these pa-pot pies!" LOL!! We tried to correct him, but he stuck to calling it a "pa-pot pie". Good times in the Dobra household today!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My little miss...

Has hair long enough for piggies!!!!! I do not have any hair rubberbands for her, so I had to make do with little clips...not the greattest job, but still adorable! Let's just hope I get better with practice!

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Saturday, July 04, 2009

A girl can never have too many outfits...

Yes, this is Emily's 2nd Fourth of July outfit! And yes, she did need a long sleeve shirt under her dress, as the temp here today was 66 and rainy!

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Say what?

Luke stayed at my moms last night, so I had some free time once little Emily was in bed to catch up on my coupons that I have ignored for the last 2 weeks. I clipped and sorted and organized for about an hour and a half and matched up deals & sales with coupons and planned my trips for this morning. Emily was a good sport, even with a slight fever and runny nose (stupid allergies!). Kroger was the first stop, I was happy with what I got, but not all that proud of my deals, so I did not bother to call Mick and tell him about that stop. Off to Schnucks Emily and I went to get cereal, popcorn and plastic cups. I did call Mick after that stop to tell him that I got 20 bucks worth of cereal for 1.50/box! And to tell him a few of the other deals I had found there. Next stop...CVS....

Here is a picture of what I got at CVS today.....I will give you a minute to take it in and come up with a price of what you think I payed...........keep thinking..........

Yes- there are 3 gallons of milk, 4 shave gels, 2 band aid boxes, batteries, Cortaid, and a Benadryl to go spray...not pictured is the Dove candy bar that I bought for myself....ate it in the van on the way total was $37.00 something before my coupons and ECB's.....after everything I gave the woman one quarter, 1 nickel, and 3 pennies!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is right!!!! .33 cents!!!!!!!!!!
Obviously I called Mick to share and he was elated and could not believe that I got all that and even double checked my on my milk count! LOL I made another 8 in ECB's for next time too!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with you family celebrating our freedom that so many men and women all over the world are fighting to protect for us.

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