Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick baby & dinosaurs

Emily woke up this morning cranky and feeling a bit warm, she was cranky last night, but just had a new tooth pop thru, so I assumed it was teeth. Her fever was up to 102.5 this afternoon, after receiving Motrin! Poor girl just wanted to sit in my arms and rest her head on my shoulder all day long! ;0( She was not eating real well, until dinner tonight (when she had more Motrin in her) and is not wanting to drink much either...doc said to just keep an eye on her and call if she gets worse. Here she is after her bath, which she screamed thru! Yes, in this house, you must brush your teeth even if you are sick (and trust me, she NEEDED to brush them tonight, it was not good.)

Once Emily was in bed, Mick and Luke and I pulled out this puzzle to work on together. It was a $2.00 foam puzzle fro Hobby Lobby that I let Luke pick out the other day for being my helper. It was impossible to do, Luke and I only got about 4 pieces together this morning when we first tried it this morning, so I told Luke we would pull it out again after Em was in bed and dad was home to help. Here are the results.....

***And yes, I have a white bra on under my almost see thru shirt...intentional? No, I am just classy like that! LOL

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Monday, April 27, 2009


Emily's 1st birthday
Emily's 1st b-day
Morning of Em's b-day and I love that Luke is kissing her!
Luke's 2nd b-day (not my favorite, I just could not get this one to work for me!!)

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A look at my weekend....

At the request of many here is what I got done this weekend while gone for my scrapping weekend! We started scrapping about 7:30 Friday night, took a break for the hot tub at 11pm, got out at midnight and scrapped until 2am! We were up and at it again the next morning about 8:30. I stayed until 11:30 Saturday morning, and had to head home to get ready for a baby shower that afternoon. Mick told me I could go back and scrap more after the baby shower, but he sounded a bit stressed when I called (Emily had played with dog poo and Luke had pulled his pants down and pee'd in the front yard for all the neighbors to see!) so I headed home to be with my main man and my babies (plus I missing them a ton after being gone all night!). So 8 pages is all I completed...actually as you can see my Christmas page is a bit blank, need to figure out one more embellishment for it! Any ideas?

A look at all I completed....
Christmas 2007
Mick's b-day 2007
Emily Dec 2008

***more in next post as i can not get the computer to allow me more than 4 pics in a post! GRRRR

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My morning....

I love, love, LOVE when my wood floors are all clean and shiny! I am sure that the shiny-ness cleaner is horrible for the environment, but I do not care! I love the look when they are sooooo shiny! It makes me smile. In fact, after Emily was born and was not able to clean them as frequently as before she arrived, I actually cried over them being dirty (I am sure hormones had a little role in that too) and Mick tried to make them shiny for me. I worked on my wood floors this morning for about an hour and then Emily woke up and I think she likes them too!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baseball season is here!

We took the kids to the Chief's game this afternoon and everyone had an awesome time! Emily enjoyed exploring outside and Luke loved watching the game and cheering for the Chief's to win the game! After the game all the kids got to go down and run the bases, Luke loved it, but was worn out afterwards! Welcome Summer time!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

New clothes

I love, love, love taking the tags off of new clothes and the way look on the kids for the first time (and me too, for that matter). Especially when it is a new season and you can see their little arms and legs for the first time in months! Here are the kids today in their new outfits they wore to MOPS this morning. I was so much fun getting them dressed! I love playing dress up with my kiddos!

Well, lucky me, I am headed off to a scrapping retreat weekend at a friends house this afternoon. She is hosting 4 of us, plus herself, her hubby took her kids out of town to visit grandparents for the weekend, so we will be cropping, chopping, stampin' and sewing so many things!! I can't wait!!! I am headed to start packing once I get off the darn computer! Of course, I will miss my babies, so probably will not stay the night both nights, but at least I get to scrap tonight for a very long time! Probably with a break to spend some time in her hot tub with glasses of wine!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sad day in the Dobra house ;0(

This is the shirt that Luke picked out today. He was very excited when I told him he could pick out his own t-shirt and he ran into his room and pulled this one out of his bottom drawer. He came running out and exclaimed "Look Mommy, it is just like my cousin Alex!!!" My heart sank as I realized that just because mommy is a Cubs fan, my dear son may not choose to follow that path. Here he is cheering for the Cardinals as I took some pics...
Maybe he was trying to hide the picture on the front in this one and had come to his senses???
Or....maybe not..
I have a feeling an influx of Cubs t-shirts will be arriving shortly in our household.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Field Trip

Emily and I went with Daddy and Luke to their swim lesson class tonight. I think Luke liked having an audience, however, he told me that we can not come again, as he and daddy usually stop for ice cream afterwards, but since Em was with us we had to head straight home. He did a super job tho and it was really cute watching the 2 boys play and sing songs together!

Oh and in 3 more classes Luke "graduates" to the Voyager class that starts May 9th!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Dollar Store??? What's that?

I was moody this afternoon so I clipped and filed my coupons and headed off to Kroger to get some deals once the kids were in bed. While there I learned that K-Mart was doubling coupons up to $2.00 this week and since I was without kiddos I headed that way once I was done at Kroger. Here are my deals, it is unbelievable what I paid for all this!!

The one above is my trip to K-Mart. 4 boxes band aids $2.19 each, 2 pkg Halls $1.99 each, 3 Secret deo's 2.34 each and 2 Gillette shave gels $2.69 each. Subtotal before coupons was $25.72.....drum roll please.......................$4.40!!!! Can you believe it!? Without coupons that total would have been 1/4 of my grocery budget for the week, but with my coupons it was only about 5%!!! I know, I rock! ;0)

But seriously, anyone could totally rock it at K-Mart this week!

Here is my Kroger run......3 1/2 gallons Kroger milk $1.25 each, 2 Softsoaps $1.00 each, 4 Suave deo's $1.00 each, Cheerios $2.00, 2 boxes Fiber One bars $2.00 each, Blistex from clearance bin .99 and .49 Neo to go from clearance bin $1.29....Subtotal before coupons was $15.38 (Kroger deal this week buy 3 items for $6.00 and receive 3 1/2 gallons milk free), so the milk was free! After coupons tho and actually making .30 cents on one of the Blistex my total was $4.92!!!! Pretty awesome!!!!

So , it was a fun night in the Dobra household playing "Guess how much I spent" with Mick as I unpacked my deals and took pics for the bl0g...and my dear hubby has learned to guess higher than he thinks, otherwise I get my feelings hurt for doing better....but hey tonight I did better than one could do at the Dollar Store!

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Penrod Visit

Make way for the Penrods!!! They were here all weekend long and we had a fabulous time with them as always. Matt and Jenny arrived late Thursday afternoon and Jen headed off to a meeting until 8:00pm. We met up on Friday with the kids for lunch and again for dinner Friday night at Dick and Elaine's.
Lisa Hassinger, the hostess with the mostess, hosted a incredible party for them on Saturday night and everyone had a great time. We got together for one more meal before they hit the road this afternoon after church. Lisa had all of us over again for lunch today and the kids had a blast running all over and seeing each other. Jonathan Penrod came up to me after church and asked if Luke could come to his house and play cute! Too bad they live about 7 hours away! Emily and Elaina are about 2 months apart and they played nicely together too. Allison is 2 1/2 and a little doll and such a great "mommy" to Elaina. Hope you guys have a safe trip home and we will see you again in August when the weddings are in full force! ;0)

The girls last night: Lenora, Jenny, Elaina, Allison, Gma Elaine, Janelle, Erin, Lisa and Me with Emily
Allison, Jenny, Elaina and Emily
Me and Allison, Janelle and Elaina and Jenny enjoying some girl talk!

Miss you guys so much!! We think you should really consider moving back home! (To Peoria that is!)

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