Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long time, no see

Been awhile since I blogged anything. Sorry, Facebook pretty much took the place of my blog. But, as I was looking thru old posts today, I realized that I missed being able to look back at my life with a click of the mouse. So, here I am updating, and hoping to stay faithful to my blog once again.

We had a wonderful, family filled Christmas, and a quiet New Year's Eve. With the children, of course Christmas was a blast! Emily loved telling everyone that it was Baby Jesus' birthday. That made Mommy's heart melt the whole season. Luke had a great time, helping his sister with all of her new toys and playing with daddy building GeoTrax in the basement. We cleared out an area in the playroom in the basement and made it all GeoTrax, I will post a pic next time, so you can see it! It is awesome!! We got to spend alot of time with my brother and his fiance who were here for 2 weeks over Christmas, the kids had a great time with Uncle Mike and Aunt Kristen!

Em and Uncle Mike
Uncle Mike and Luke showing off their muscles!
Emily playing with her baby doll (new Christmas toys!!) She was putting make-up on her baby!
Luke, playing football with daddy. How big is he getting??!! I know. My 4 year old is amazing and fun and loves his daddy right now! Makes mommy jealous, but I know it makes daddy feel great!

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