Saturday, January 16, 2010

No more cribs....

Emily in her big girl bed! We got a call today from my sister, that she and her fiance were buying a new bed and wanted to know if we would like their old one for Luke. Of course, we said YES! SOOOOO, we spent the afternoon re-arranging furniture and bedrooms. The crib is now in the attic (yes, I teared up while taking it apart) But, it was short lived, as little miss was soooooo excited for her new-to-her bed! She inherited Luke's old toddler bed, and Luke got a new full size bed!
The pics are out of order....this was her dressed up today....She was a dancing princess! LOVE IT! And, yes, Luke is still wearing his Scooby-Doo football shirt pretty much every day! LOL

Luke and Em in Luke's new bed. He will be getting new bedding, but since this was a surprise to us today, we had to make due with what we had on hand. So...he has a set of mommy and daddy's flannel sheets and a comforter that was mine before Mick and I met! He wants to paint the headboard and foot board this Spring, so I will probably stall on getting new bedding until he chooses his colors. Emily wants a Tinkerbell blanket and pillow for her bed, so I am watching for sales at Joanne's so I can make one for her little bed. FUN, FUN!! Let's see if anyone gets any sleep tonight!

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Mark, Stephanie, Nathan, and Rebecca said...

Very Cute! I can't believe that Em is old enough for a big girl bed!

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